Tell David Hyde what you think of his trade show, and you could win £500! This was the challenge thrown down to IBDs in an ACT mailing sponsored by Hyde. As hes had 40 responses so far, the odds for scooping his jackpot are good so if you havent entered yet, give it a go

Hyde seeks answers

IBDs were asked to say in 20 words or less why they attended last years Cycle & Leisure Show.

Three of the responses are below. The winner will be the entry that best encapsulates the positive reasons for attending David Hydes show, rhyming is not obligatory.

Hyde is stumping up the cash in order to create a talking point around his show. The BAs trade show (Harrogate in June) has yet to launch a similar initiative.

"This isnt the first time, and it certainly wont be the last, that other organisations have rumoured another show. What we must do is continue to provide the whole industry with a positive exhibition and ignore the negativity that some people delight in putting about, says Hyde, adding that half of the 2001 show has already been booked.

"It certainly doesnt seem that over six months have passed since the last show, but it wont be long before winter is over and we will be getting ready to open Cycle and Leisure 2001."

Email your entries (IBDs only) to:

Three of the entries received so far:

I attended the 2000 show to keep in the know. I want the cash to flow and my business to grow!

Brown & Daughter, Leigh on Sea

Where else would you go to find out about cycles and cycle related product?

The Cycle Shack, Orpington

Non-attendance would be defeatist. If you dont look to the future, you may not have a future!

Warland Cycles, Blackburn

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