David Hyde's motto could be 'shy bairns get nowt'. His latest letter to potential exhibitors doesn't beat about the bush. The BA is said to be a "small body of people" and Hyde's Cycle & Leisure Show is claimed to be "the industry's only national exhibition."

Hyde lays into BA’s Harrogate show

Hyde’s letter to potential exhibitors – titled ‘It’s time to take a stand’ – is blunt and to the point.

With only five months to go until the 2002 event, Hyde said only his show could bring "stability to an industry that has seen constant wrangling as to when, why and how the exhibition could be run."

He dismisses the Bicycle Association’s Harrogate trade show:

"Even now, when the success of the Cycle and Leisure Show is beyond doubt, there is a small body of people whose attempts to run a rival exhibition could only achieve one third of our visitor attendance."

And Hyde wants to head off the threat from The Cycle Show, a London trade-and-consumer show being staged at London’s Business Design Centre, 25-29th September 2002:

"The future of how a specialost autumn show can be developed will be discussed both with the ACT and other interested suppliers over the next few months."

Hyde then went personal:

"As Managing Director of Leisure Expo Ltd. I have a total commitment to the cycle and leisure industry which now spans 15 years. My company will continue to provide you with high quality, exciting and stimulating trade exhibitions, designed for a moderrn, developing industry."

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