Hull cycle lanes to be painted green amid safety shake-up

Cycle lanes in Hull are set to be painted green as part of a ten-year plan to make them safer, reports Hull Live.

Routes will also be branded and given their own individual numbers.

Council officials are also looking at how to separate some cycle lanes from traffic using raised kerbs or other barriers. The authority has designated nearly £7 million to be spent over the next three years on improving the city’s cycling network in the first phase of the plan.

Garry Taylor, the council’s director of major projects, said: “We are looking to separate and segregate cycling lanes from the main highway wherever possible.

“There will be some places where this will not be possible because of the physical constraints of some roads, particularly older ones where there just isn’t space.

“However, we are already factoring in new cycling routes as part of existing schemes such as as the Stoneferry Corridor where just under £1 million is being spent on improving the cycling infrastructure.”

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