Huffy to create IBD-only range

Huffy Bicycles CEO Bill Smith has announced the company’s newest IBD-centric initiative.

Batch Bicycles is an original bike line to be sold exclusively through independent bicycle dealers in the United States.

“I asked my team to find the white space,” said Smith. “Dealers told me that there are opportunities for incremental business, in between the high end of mass market bikes, and the low end of specialty bikes. Huffy is in a unique position to leverage its strengths and provide that.”

“We’re a well-run company with 126 years of bicycle experience and significant buying power. We don’t carry overhead of mainstream IBD brands, such as the costs of a large sales force, catalogs, race team sponsorships and floor financing. We’re able to make a well-spec’d product, and offer dealers great margins, without the need for minimum buys, presale commitments, inventory requirements, or complicated discount structures,” he added.

The company will launch five categories of bicycles at Interbike Marketweek, which takes place from September 14 to the 20, 2018. The range will include a comfort bike, a commuter model, a beach cruiser, a mountain bike and kid’s bikes.

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