Hövding releases new autumn collection

Hövding has released a new autumn collection of covers for its unique cycle safety device.

This year’s cover collection is the fifth since the inception of the brand. As has been the case with previous collections, cities have inspired the design and labelling of the new covers. This year’s cities are Barcelona and Antwerp.

The cover of the latter model is made of a brand-new material unique to Hövding, a so-called Multi Colour Reflector. This is a water-proof material, which shows a rainbow pattern when reflecting beams of light.

“Those who use Hövding do it primarily because they are safety conscious, but many of Hövding wearers also wish to express personal style. We have listened to the requests from our customers, and developed covers which features warming and reflective qualities,” said Hövding CEO Fredrik Carling.

The new covers will be available in retail outlets from October 1st.

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