Imprint Grips now available to the trade via the distributor

Hotlines takes on TMR Designs

UK-based TMR Designs is now being distributed to the trade by Hotlines Europe.

Founded by three riders and engineers – Tom Bird, Matt Scott and Rob Nicholls – TMR Designs is a small Lake District-set company that has developed the Imprint Grip, with other ideas on the drawing board expected to come to market soon. 

Imprint Grips enable riders to easily shape grips to fit their hands, cutting pressure peaks and boosting contact, control, support and comfort, the firm says. They are easy to mould in the home and each grip can be moulded within five minutes without any special equipment. They can be remoulded again and again.

TMR’s Tom Bird said: “We’ve often come up with ideas when out on the trail, some good and some bad, but when we had the idea for Imprint Grips back in 2010, we knew we had to do something about it, and when we put the first prototypes together and started riding them, it was hard to believe no one had done it before."

TMR’s Rob Nicholls added: “Conventional Grips don’t provide anything in the way of rider to bike integration and ‘ergonomic’ grips often hinder a full grasp and always come as a one size fits all, which because we’re all different, isn’t really that ergonomic. Imprint Grips allow full support of your hand, but in your own natural full grasping hand shape.”

TMR’s Matt Scott also added: "We believe Imprint Grips have the potential to change the way we all integrate with our bikes. We’ve been trialling and selling Imprint Grips for over 3 years now and they’ve out performed anything any of us have used before for all types of riding; DH, XC, Enduro, Touring, Commuters and Casual Riders."

Imprint Grips are available in two different versions, Standard and Premium. Both are lock-on and the premium grips are constructed with a one-piece aircraft grade anodised aluminium sleeve and fully integrated locking ring. "This one piece aluminium design alone should not be overshadowed by the Imprint technology and is a step forward in itself offering unrivalled torsional stiffness from a single clamp locking ring design," the press statement added. 

Dealers can find out more via Hotlines:

Scotland / Ireland Julie Dominguez – +44 (0)131 319 1444

North East – Mike Ellis 07590 982 853

North West – Graham Moore 07791 844 138

South East – Paul Lasenby 07713 097 695

South west – John Large 07878 361 841

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