Lubricant and cleaner range now available to the trade through the distributor

Hotlines cleans up with Orontas

Hotlines has added Orontas lubricants and bicycle cleaners to its portfolio with immediate effect.

Orontas has adopted a ‘whole lifecycle approach’ to their product, where renewably sourced electricity has been used to power production plants and the lubes and cleaners are fully biodegradable lubes and cleaners.

The product range is pitched as being clean and simple – currently consisting of a lubricant, a cleaner and a waterproof grease.

“I am really pleased to be working with Orontas,” said Hotlines marketing manager Martin Astley. “Like all of us at Hotlines I have a personal interest in brands that are environmentally and ethically aware. I am hugely impressed by the level of detail considered in the lifecycle of an Orontas product. 

“In addition to being a very Eco friendly brand Orontas also brings a design approach never seen before in this sector and most importantly products with impressive functionality.”

The Orontas BikeCare Lubricant is a high-performance chain oil for normal-to-wet conditions, designed to eliminate noise, wear and rust. It contains no toxins and is 100 per cent biodegradable and sustainable.

The Orontas BikeCare Cleaner is for spraying and wiping to remove grime, dirt and oil from chains. Serving up over 1,000 sprays – over a one year supply if the cyclist cleans weekly, it too contains no toxins and is 100 per cent biodegradable and sustainable.

Find out more about the rest of the range at the official site

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