In effect, this will be a UK re-launch of the brand. "GT's former problems were not caused by a bad product or a bad brand image, we intend to take a common sense approach to the business issues and build on the brand image with the best range of product GT has ever released," said Russell Merry of Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels chooses Harrogate for (early) launch of GT’s 2003 bikes

There will be a full line-up from GT including MTB, hybrid, comfort and BMX bikes.

Hot Wheels was appointed the exclusive GT UK distributor for IBDs earlier this year.

"Whilst Harrogate is very early in the season we will have a great display of new products for existing and potential dealers to see," said Merry.

First deliveries of 2003 GT adult bikes will commence mid-August with BMX bikes expected to land a month earlier.

Hot Wheels is seeking around 250 IBDs. They will sign up for a twelve bike initial order (8 adult, 4 junior).

"We want to rebuild the brand with a select number of dealers who will commit to GT, but we believe a 12 bike initial order shows a common sense approach to the reintroduction," said Merry.

Tel: 01202 424945

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