Product partner advertorial: Hiplok turns ten

Hiplok was started by cyclists and fellow product designers, John Abrahams and Ben Smith, who had a desire to solve the problems associated with carrying a secure lock.

This year marks the 10th anniversary for the innovative British brand and this problem-solving approach to product development can be seen across the new 2021 Hiplok line-up with new innovative locks and storage solutions hitting the market.

As co-founder and product director, Abrahams still leads the design and development of each Hiplok product. We caught up with him to find out more on the new innovative locks and storage solutions hitting the market as well as what’s next for the British brand.

This year marks a decade milestone for Hiplok, how are you celebrating?
You could say that the 2021 range is a celebration of how far we have come. As cyclists and product designers, we set out to deliver unique, quality products that genuinely solve problems. It’s great to see a wider range of people get into cycling than ever.

Our 2021 line aims to solve the problem of how to practically store and secure your bike and gear, whatever your ride.

One of the new mobile security products is the DXF frame-mounted U-lock, how is it different?
The Hiplok CLIP + RIDE range is all about offering practical, easy to take-with-you security, as strong as possible for purpose. Our DX lock is one of the lightest Gold Sold Secure locks on the market. It’s a super practical lock with double locking and anti-rotation tabs to protect your bike and it’s patented clip feature provides an easy way to carry it on body or bag.

However, we recognise that some people prefer to carry their lock on their bike yet have found that the brackets already on the market were difficult to fit and often prone to rattling and frame damage. The DXF installs easily on to the bottle mount of the bike and its one-piece hardened nylon design holds the clips of the DX in place for a sturdy, rattle-free hold.

Aside from the DXF, this year’s major Hiplok product development is in bike storage. Do you see this as a new departure for Hiplok?
Security and storage go hand in hand, it’s all about how to protect your bike and gear at home or on the go. More people on bikes means more bikes in each household and with that comes the challenge of where to store them safely.

Within our STORE + SECURE category, we want to offer a range of products giving you modular options for storing and locking down bikes to suit you. That’s why this year we will add JAW, ANKR MINI and ORBIT to the existing AIRLOK, ANKR and home chain locks.

The JAW bike rack has already had some great reviews for its simple and practical bike storage solution. Tell us about it.
JAW is best described as a wall-mounted compact bike rack. It’s non-marking “jaw” clamps on to one wheel of the bike allowing you to store it vertically or horizontally. JAW is unique in that it has a fully adjustable design which fits different wheel sizes up to 2.9in. This is not only practical for the consumer who can use the same product even if they switch out their bike but it is also practical for the retailer as you only need to stock one product.

Can you lock the bike when it’s in the JAW?
Yes, JAW has been designed to be compatible with the Z LOK range so it provides protection from theft, as well as providing further stability should you leave the bike for a long time. Of course, if you need more security you can run the Diamond Sold Secure rated ANKR with a chain through the bike while it is stored in JAW. This defines the modular approach we are taking – allowing the customer to choose the right mix of storage and security to suit their needs.

We understand that you have also been looking at scooter storage and security?
We have already seen a number of our locks such as the Hiplok D and Z LOK used in locking scooters and e-scooters. The new ANKR MINI is a micro version of our unique ANKR ground and wall anchor and is a great solution for locking up all of the family’s bikes and scooters.

It installs easily and can be fitted inside or outside to masonry or wood, providing a simple yet secure locking point. It pairs well with Z LOK and D lock, and comes in several funky colours so you can match your ride!

Increasing reports of theft from bike shops have indicated the requirement for more in-store security solutions. Is there anything on the table at Hiplok for developing in-store security?
Increase in bike crime is unfortunately a reality of an increase in bike demand. It’s a real problem with thefts falling in to two categories of opportunist theft while the stores are opened and targeted attacks after-hours.

A number of shops are already using several Hiplok products in-store to protect against both types of theft. Alongside ZyroFisher, we are rolling out a new Hiplok in-store security program so we can offer protection to even more bike shops.

And what’s planned for the next ten years of Hiplok?
I think like everyone, cycling has helped us get through the day to day over the past year. We share the vision of getting more people on bikes and we want to play our part in solving the problems associated with protecting your bike and gear. So to sum it up, more innovative products!

The new Hiplok 2021 product line is available now from ZyroFisher. Speak to your ZyroFisher account manager for further information on the in-store security program and our flagship store program, or visit to order.

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