Hiplok launches 1000 Series anti-angle grinder security range

Hiplok is launching the 1000 Series, a line-up of anti-angle grinder security products to protect motorcycles, e-bikes, and bicycles.

This includes creating the world’s first anti-angle grinder anchors and a D lock engineered with motorcycles and larger framed bikes in mind.

Ben Smith, Hiplok’s co-founder, said: “Security is only as strong as the weakest link, which is why we’ve developed a complete anti-angle grinder security system to protect your prized possessions.

“Building on our proven track record in launching the first anti-angle grinder bike lock, we’re excited to launch 1000 Series, the ultimate modular security solution with graphene composite material technology at its core, for wherever you ride or store your motorcycle or bike.”


Hiplok’s 1000 Series includes three new products.

The AX1000 is described as “the ultimate anchor system” with a revolutionary pivoting arm for securing motorcycles and larger framed bikes.

Paired with the Hiplok DX1000, it creates a complete anti-angle grinder security solution that eliminates the need for a chain when securing bikes at home. AX1000 is designed to be floor or wall-mounted, inside or outside.


The DX1000, the big brother of the award-winning Hiplok D1000, has been developed with motorcycles and larger framed bikes in mind.

DX1000 offers resistance to angle grinder attacks compared to standard D locks.

Its construction includes graphene composite material technology and a square-profile hardened steel core shielded by a rubberised outer surface.

The A1000 is a compact anti-angle grinder anchor featuring a rotating base for easier locking access.

This anchor provides a fixing point to secure bikes and motorcycles indoors or outdoors.

Independently tested, the 1000 Series carries the Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond and ART 4 Star ratings.

Harnessing the strength of graphene composite material technology, every product provides “unrivalled resistance to all attack methods, including angle grinders” according to Hiplok.

The 1000 Series also comes with the company’s lifetime guarantee.

The Hiplok 1000 Series launched on Kickstarter this morning with introductory discounts for the first backers.

Expected delivery for pre-orders is Spring 2024.

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