Elan bikes will also be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain with plans for a US roll-out in 2005 model year. The bikes have been available in Slovenia since May.

High-end Slovenian MTB brand launched in UK

Elan MTBs are made in Slovenia by Elan, a ski, snowboard and yacht manufacturer.

Elan is part-owned by the Slovenian Development Corporation following a rescue deal in 1999. It had been a commercial victim of the civil war in former Yugoslavia and there was a ten-year battle to bring it into Slovenian ownership. The SDC had to pay off the Croatian bank Privredna banka Zagreb, 77 percent owner of the prestrigious company, in order to secure ownership.

The UK distributor of Elan Bikes is Remec’s David Morgan of Mountainbikeracing Ltd. of Devon.

"Attractive dealer promotions and stock in deals will be available," said Morgan.

The first chance to view the bikes in the UK will be at the final round of the National Downhill Series at Gryn Moelfre near Oswestry, September 20th-21st.

Appointed stockists become ‘Elan Bikes Service Centers’.

And, similar to the Steppenwolf customisation options (see link below), the specs on Elan bikes can be tweaked by consumers, with delivery to the IBD three weeks after ordering.

Tel: 0870 8000 234

Email: david.morgan@elanbikes.co.uk


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