Shimano Europe wants to donate £9000 to a worthy cycle promotion project. Please pass this news on to any cycle organisations, advocacy groups or national cycle bodies you know of. But do it soon because the closing date is 31st January! (And dont expect a Christmas card from Shimano this year, the cash tp pay for a mass maili-out is going to the best cycle promotion project instead)

Hey, cycle activists, get your hands on Shimanos £9000

Shimanos Cycling Concept Award is being judged by three trade mag editors (Jack Oortwijn of Bike Europe; Michael Bollschweiler of Radmarkt and Carlton Reid of Bicycle Business) and. Frank Peiffer, marketing director of Shimano Europe.

Heres the official Shimano press release:

Shimano Cycling Concept Award Targets Associations and Federations

Shimano Donates NLG 25,000 (Eur 11,344) For Best Bicycle Development Project

NUNSPEET, Netherlands – Instead of sending thousands of Christmas cards this year, Shimano Europe wants to give the money it usually spends on the sending out of best wishes throughout the world, a better and more meaningful purpose. Shimano wants to donate the substantial amount of money that goes into the Christmas and New Year wishes to the best European bicycle development project. As there’s lot’s of projects and ideas going around in Europe related to increase the use of bicycles, Shimano decided to initiate a new competition named the Shimano Cycling Concept Award.

Main objective of the Shimano Cycling Concept Award is to stimulate cycling and bicycle mobility. To realize this goal, Shimanos idea behind this new competition is to donate a reasonable amount of money which can be used to further enhance plans and concepts that aim on increasing the usage of bikes. These concepts can relate to, for example, bicycle-infrastructure, rental bikes in city centers, the free availability of bikes for short distance transportation or even the training of children how to ride and use bicycles.

With regard to the ideas, plans and concepts, any small or big region, country or the whole of Europe can be targetted. However, the concepts must have a non-commercial or non-profit basis unless a particular idea has the potential to affect bicycle usage in an big way. For this reason Shimano is looking especially for this new competition to the European associations and federations that are related to cycling and bicycles. Next to the associations also schools, clubs and individuals are invited to send in his or her plan for the stimulation of cycling.

The plans, ideas and concepts must be submitted in English and can be illustrated by drawings and photos. Send the ideas and concepts before the 30th of January 2001 to Shimano Europe at the address listed below.

Shimano donates NLG 25,000 (Eur 11,344) for the best plan or concept. The judging of who has send in the most practical and promising plan is done by a special jury. The jury of the Shimano Cycling Concept Award consist of three journalists from several European trade journals. Next to them a representative of Shimano Europe joins the jury and will also act as their chairman. The members of the jury are: Jack Oortwijn of the international trade journal Bike Europe; Michael Bollschweiler of the German Radmarkt Magazine and Carlton Reid of UKs Bicycle Business Magazine. Frank Peiffer, marketing director of Shimano Europe will head the jury. The winner of the 2001 Shimano Cycling Concept Award will be announced at the end of February 2001.

Entries for the 2001 Shimano Cycling Concept Award can be send to (before 30 January 2001):

Shimano Europe

Industrieweg 24


The Netherlands

Attn. Mr F. Peiffer

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