HEXR launches new shell colourways

HEXR has launched its new shell colourways, a ‘reinvigoration’ of its custom-fit cycling helmets.

The new shells provide a new look by updating the colour of the helmet whilst not removing any of the high standards of safety, said the company.

HEXR opted for a non-uniform fade that focuses on the airflow around the helmet, a nod to the technical aspect of the brand. “Whilst the colours take inspiration from the natural environment, the beauty of the great outdoors and the colours seen from the British coastline,” said a statement.

“The Azure fade shell design takes inspiration from blue skies and choppy sea, reminiscent of those London to Brighton summer rides. The colour of the new Eucalyptus colourway is inspired by gravel rides through wispy fields and deep green leaves decorating woodlands. Additionally, the convenience of the compartmented helmets makes them easy to clean, replace and swap.”

Theo Clarke, operations manager at HEXR, said: “We’re delighted to be able to launch the new shells. The beauty of our modular design means you can reimagine your helmet by adding colour but not deducing away any of the key characteristics that make our helmets so unique and incredibly safe. The colours are perfect to stand out and make a statement on your rides.”

For more information about HEXR, visit https://hexr.com/.

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