Hexlox creates telescoping thru axle system

Hexlox has created a modular thru axle. The patent-pending product uses a telescopic system the Berlin-based company is calling Perfect Fit using three axle sizes to replace any thru axle on the market. 

The company claims that the variable length and interchangeable thread adapts to fit any hub or fork combination with no measurements necessary. The range includes three "HexThru" axle sizes to cover any bike, trailer or trainer on the market.

"Bike shops need to stock 30+ different sized thru axle to cover all customers," said a company statement.

"An incorrect fit is dangerous, an imperfect fit compromises stiffness, handling and the durability of the bike." 

Instead, the HexThru Axle is available in Front 15, Front 12 and Rear 12. The length is adjusted to dropout width via a telescopic two-phase thread and the interchangeable threaded end flips to fit any fork or dropout, says Hexlox. 

The HexThru axle features an anti-theft conical head and matching cap. 

The HexThru Axles will be available aftermarket from October with a suggested retail price of €45. Additionally, Hexlox is launching an OEM version of the product. 

Hexlox products are designed by Australian Ian Berrell and marketed by Swedish entrepreneur Marcus Tonndorf. 

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