The August issue of BicycleBusiness contained an article featuring nineteen grass-roots heroes, folk who work tirelessly on the behalf of cycling, creating new customers in the process. That issue also contained a large apology to the heroes we couldn't fit into the mag. Clearly, we missed a lot out (not deliberately) so there will be a semi-regular slot on this site profiling some of the toilers we omitted. First up? Cycling Project for the North West

Hero omissions

This has a URL to die for:

Browse around this site and be inspired by the community outreach being undertaken, both locally and nationally. The CPNW does sterling work with disabled people and for those IBDs who would like to learn how to tap into what can be a surprisingly lucrative – and emotionally fulfilling – market, the CPNW publishes an excellent resource guide.

The ‘Report on Cycling for People with Disabilities and Differing Needs 2002’ is 100+ pages packed with best-practice advice. It costs £11.95.

Tel: 0161 745 9944

In other news...

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