Freelance journo Chris Keller-Jackson takes a shine to the Lowrider from Manchester-based Ride Row Ltd. It even comes with a bell. Chromed, naturally.

Here’s the lowdown on Ride Low’s Lowrider

Having seen this Lowrider at the The Bike Show at the NEC, I decided to take a look in a bit more detail, and get the chance to ride ‘her’, writes Chris Keller-Jackson.

This is a classic 20-inch Lowrider with front cantilever suspension, one gear, front hub brake and rear back pedal brake. As befits the style, everything that can be chromed is chromed.

This Lowrider (and all of Ride Low’s proposed range) is BS-compliant.

The twisted front ‘fork’, the massive cow-horn handlebars, and the long sofa of a saddle make for a headturner of a bike. But how does it ride?

The steering is lazy, you aren’t going to win the Tour de France on it and you’re so comfortable riding this Lowrider it’s almost soporific. Fit for purpose, then.

And, of course, it’s a bike you buy to be seen on. I rolled up at Ride Low’s premises on a sleek, expensive MTB: nobody took a blind bit of notice of me on my journey. But ride the Lowrider and suddenly you – or more precisely, the bike – are the centre of attention.

If you want to advertise that fact your shop exists – or just want to broadcast your oversize ego – then this Lowrider would do the trick.

Prices start at £249.99 RRP and Ride Low’s George Demetrious is seeking to appoint more IBD stockists.

Tel: 0161 831 9782


Chris Keller – Jackson

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