Helsinki CityBike bike-share scheme to use AI to accommodate growth

UK Stage Intelligence has partnered with Moventia and CityBike Finland OY to deploy its BICO artificial intelligence (AI) platform in to support Helsinki’s bike-share scheme.

According to Stage, the BICO AI actively collects a large amount of city data in an effort to simplify and improve how the bike-sharing scheme works. Stage also states that the system can accurately predict demand, and therefore correctly manage supply.

For riders, this would mean that the location of bikes and docks could improve around Helsinki, and that the City can reach its target of increasing the number of journeys taken by bicycle from ten to 15 per cent by 2020.

Stage Intelligence specialises in developing AI solutions for the transport and logistics industries. Since its inception in 2011, Stage has collaborated with leading bike-sharing operators around the world.

The flagship BICO recommendation engine is currently successfully deployed in a number of bike-share schemes around the globe including Divvy Bikes in Chicago, MIBICI in Guadalajara and Helsinki CityBike with several more deployments planned for the near future.

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