Pix from the N. Ireland Executive are going viral. Helmets look 'shopped, says internet. Straps were "unflattering" says model.

Helmets not ‘shopped to our heads, says model & the cycling officer

While some of the photographs on the Flickr account of the Northern Ireland Executive get one or two views, launch pix for the Bike Week events in Northern Ireland are going viral amid claims that helmets have been Photoshopped on to the heads of those pictured.

Model Anna Henry and Andy Bready from the Department of Regional Development’s Cycling Unit were photographed in front of Belfast City Hall and there’s something not quite right about the helmets they’re wearing: they are strapless. This has led some to assume the helmets were digitally placed on Henry and Bready after the event.

BikeBiz called Bready. He had yet to see the photographs but confirmed he was wearing a helmet for the photoshoot. "We are obliged to wear helmets when riding bikes," he said. After he’d been sent a link to Flickr he confirmed the helmet that looks a tad odd is, in fact, his helmet.

"Did I not do the straps up? Oh, that’s daft of me, of course the helmet won’t work like that."

Henry said "I was wearing the helmet for the photo. I didnt do [up] the straps as it wasn’t very flattering."

Bike Week 2014 takes place officially from 14th-22nd June but the kick-off event was held this morning in glorious sunshine as MPs and peers rode from the Dutch embassy to the Houses of Parliament.

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