The Road Danger Reduction Forum is said to be "strongly opposed" to the latest Department of Transport cycle helmet promotion campaign aimed at teenage cyclists. The RDRF is a local government road safety organisation whose membership includes 26 local authorities.

Helmet ads are a “dangerous distraction from real road safety,” argues RDRF

Dr. Robert Davis of the RDRF said:

"Scare tactics put people off an activity the DfT could and should be encouraging. The campaign is based on dubious research that reduces the credibility of genuine road safety work. Worst of all, the resources used could finance high quality cycle training to support safe cycling by teenagers."

Some road safety advocates have long pointed out that bicycle helmet advocacy is a "dangerous distraction from real road safety," said Davis.

The RDRF claims out that research shows that helmet wearing shows no discernible improvement in injury severity rates, including head injuries, and that wearing affords minimal protection in a crash, and is associated with both an apparently higher rate of crashing and head impact.

"The DfT should be properly addressing danger on the road from careless and dangerous driving, and supporting cycle training programmes which promote confident cycling," said Davis.

"Above all, we know that the most effective way to reduce risk for cyclists is to increase the number of people who cycle. Britain has a tiny proportion of journeys made by bicycle, and the Government is failing to back up its stated aims of increasing it."…/broader.pdf

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