Heathrow continues support for Green Commute Initiative

Heathrow Airport is continuing to show its support for the Green Commute Initiative (GCI), signing off on a ‘large order’ for the third year in a row.

The airport initially signed up to GCI’s cycle to work scheme in 2016, and since then has seen the number of employees taking part in the scheme grow each year with nearly 250 employees now choosing to cycle to work.

The scheme has no £1,000 limit, which means employees can select e-bikes and cargo bikes, and, according to GCI, Heathrow’s average order value is more than £1,300, with e-bikes proving popular.

GCI said: “GCI believes that E-bikes are the future of commuter travelling with the battery-powered assistance kicking in, when needed, so that hills and distance are no longer exhausting, sweat-inducing obstacles. In fact, commuters do not need sportswear as they can comfortably cycle in their business attire. E-bikes are the ideal form of transport for commuters.

“More people on bikes means less congestion, less pollution, less crowding on public transport and more car park spaces for motorists. Whilst employees become healthier, happier and more effective. Everyone wins with an e-bike.”

Last year, walking and cycling charity Sustrans announced that it had signed up to the scheme.


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