Hayes introduces Sterling edition of Manitou Mezzer Pro

Hayes has introduced the Sterling edition of the Manitou Mezzer Pro.

Utilising the same 37mm chassis and internal tech as the existing MezzerPro, each Sterling Edition fork receives an ‘extra level of detail and care’ before leaving the factory floor. To create an ‘ultra-smooth and crisp’ paint finish, each lower leg and crown assembly are polished by hand in preparation for the paint booth.

“As with all Mezzer Pro’s, riders will enjoy the ultimate tunability of their air spring thanks to the pairing of our Dorado Air system and IRT (Infinite Rate Tune),” said a statement. “Dorado Air is derived from, you guessed it, our legendary Dorado inverted DH fork. Using a unique balancing valve at the piston, the positive and negative air springs are equalised during the air fill process. This design provides a smooth and consistent spring rate without any flat or dead spots that can be caused by a balance groove. It also allows users to change the travel easily with the included travel spacers rather than purchasing expensive air springs.

“Acting as a secondary positive air chamber, the IRT provides complete control over the mid-late stroke of the fork. This allows riders to tune their initial stroke separate from their mid-late allowing a butter-smooth initial feel without sacrificing mid-stroke support. Being a compressible air chamber, rather than solid volume spacers, as you approach bottom out you are met with a feeling that is smooth and consistent rather than hash and abrupt.

“The damping is taken care of through our fully sealed MC² cartridge damper. Adjustments include external high and low-speed compression damping as well as low-speed rebound. We have also included a factory set HBO (hydraulic bottom out) to give riders an added level of control when things get gnarly.

“Bleeder screws are also located on the back of the lower legs allowing riders to bleed air while on the trail using a 2.5mm hex key. These bleeder screws double as an oil injection port to give your seals a small blast of semi-bath oil in-between regular service intervals to keep things as smooth as possible at all times.”

The Sterling edition of the Mezzer Pro will be limited to 250 units globally and only available through Hayes’ trusted dealers and local bike shops.

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