Retail chain approves of Active Travel Strategy which, in part, will tackle decline in child cycle numbers

Halfords welcomes new Government cycle plans

Halfords has praised the Government’s new strategy for cycling, revealed on BikeBiz yesterday, saying it is vital to stem a decrease in the numbers of children cycling.

The Active Travel Strategy promises to create a new generation of yclists.

There’s no new cash involved, despite the strategy document claims, but the focus on cycling is welcome. Nothing will actually happen with the strategy aims until after the general election.

Halfords has picked up on the youth element of the Active Travel Strategy.

"Learning to ride a bike is an important rite of passage for a child, an essential part of growing up,” said Halfords CEO David Wild.

“Cycling helps children to keep fit and have fun with their families while doing their bit for the environment.

“However, figures show that the number of children cycling is on the decline. We have been urging MPs to support a reduction in VAT on children’s bikes from 17.5 per cent to 5 per cent. We know that cost is one of the reasons that keeps many kids from cycling."

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