Halfords sees turbo trainer sales increase by 500%

Halfords has reported a 500% increase in sales of turbo trainers since lockdown began.

During the first week of lockdown, the retailer sold 15 times the number of turbo trainers compared to the same time period last year, a 1,500% increase YOY.

With stock in high demand, Halfords has now partnered with Les Mills to provide access to its at-home Les Mills On Demand platform for a 25% discount. Les Mills membership gives riders access to spin classes as well as yoga, body pump and more.

James Nicholls, Halfords turbo trainer expert, said: “We know everyone is looking for ways to exercise at home and a turbo trainer is a great choice. When it comes to choosing a turbo trainer, it’s all about what you want to get out of your training. For the casual user looking to stay fit and active, a non-interactive turbo trainer would be a great, cost-effective option for turning your bike into an indoor trainer. This is the perfect solution for taking part in online virtual spin classes.

“For those seriously into their cycling and missing their training routine, or in the middle of training for an event, we’d recommend getting a SMART turbo trainer, which means you can link your trainer with a third-party app like Zwift, which makes serious training much more fun and structured.

“If you live in a flat or a place where noise travels and disturbs people, we’d recommend investing in a fluid or direct drive turbo trainer, which are much quieter than their traditional ‘wheel on’ counterparts. Finally, if you can afford one, a direct drive trainer will reduce the wear and tear on your bike – as you connect your bike drive train directly to the turbo, as opposed to mounting the back wheel on a roller which can wear out the tyre.

“Most turbo trainers fit most bikes, however, we’d always recommend people research online, then check with one of our colleagues who can check compatibility.”

Nearly all of Halfords’ turbo trainers are compatible with the online cycling Zwift platform. The cheapest models at the retailer begin at £50 and go up to £1,200.

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