£250 Saracen Raw described as a 'bike that will give the trails a kicking'. Court asked to bear that statement in mind when reaching verdict

Halfords facing lawsuit after bike ‘snaps in half’

A cyclist is reportedly attempting to sue Halfords to the tune of £1 million following a frame failure that caused injuries that have ‘wrecked his life’.

Joshua Love, 24, said that the February 2009 accident was caused by a failure in the fork steerer, which caused the fork and attached front wheel to separate from the rest of the bike, resulting in Love smashing into a crash barrier.

Love’s legal team have drawn attention to the fact that the £250 Saracen Raw 2 is described by Saracen’s literature as a bike ready to ‘give the trails a kicking’ and as such should be assumed to be robust enough to handle such treatment.

It seems that Halfords’ defence team has questioned the fitting of mudguards and lights, though at present it’s not understood what that has to do with the steerer failure.

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