Retail giant will run campaign until March 10th

Halfords cuts VAT cost from lighting for winter

Halfords has revealed that it will cut the VAT cost from all lighting products until the end of winter.

Ending March 10th, the promotion is designed to help cyclists feel more confident on the roads through the dark months of winter. 

Emma Fox, commercial director for Halfords, said; “We want more people to feel confident cycling on the roads – whatever the time of year and whatever the weather. We started with issuing VAT free prices on high-vis wear and are now proud to offer bike lights at VAT free prices for the rest of winter, helping to make it more affordable to be safe and seen.”

“The Highway Code advises cyclists to display front and rear bike lights, so we’re making it easier to afford winter cycling essentials.”

YouGov research commissioned by Halfords shows over half (53%) of UK cyclists often or always take safety precautions, with 15% answering sometimes and 16% never taking safety precautions when they cycle.

Halfords also pledged in the Autumn to sell high visibility wear at VAT free prices.

In other news, the retail giant’s new cycling retail chain is now growing under the stewardship of Peter Kimberley. Read more about his plans here.

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