ECF tells Brussels how cycling deliveries mean better business

Half of all city car traffic could be cycled

DHL Express is pioneering the use of cargo bikes in a pilot project in several European cities which is resulting in reduced costs, less stresses employees and saving time and distance covered.

The pilots, in Athens, Luxembourg, Vienna and Milan, were being highlighted by the European Cyclists’ Federation to European institutions, NGOs and logistics business representatives at a roundtable in the EU parliament building in Brussels, hosted by Green MEP Michael Kramer.

"Cycling in the inner city actually saves time and money," said Arne Melse, DHL’s OPS field support specialist. "DHL has plans to expand its pilot programs in more cities and more countries. In the Netherlands alone there are 33 cargo bike run services in 19 different cities."

The roundtable was a prelude to this forthcoming weekend’s International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen, which features the second European Cycle Logistics Conference as well as the formal founding of the ‘European Cycle Logistics Federation.

“Even though city logistics constitute a massive part of the economic life it is highly neglected,” said Mark Major, policy officer for Sustainable Urban Mobility at the European Commission. “Cities need to understand that by creating better access conditions they nurture the right environment for new business models to grow.”

Moreno Fioravanti, current president of the COLIBI, was also at the roundtable. He added: “COLIBI represents 600 companies with over 60,000 jobs producing bikes and parts in over 20 countries within the EU.

"If we could identify the perfect business models based on the experience of DHL and launch pilot programs in various countries, then the cycling industry can start to mass-produce.”

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