A bumper guide to workshop product, including Muc-Off, Weldtite, Fenwicks, Pedro, WD-40, Topeak, One23, X-Tools, Motorex, BBB and more

Guide to the workshop: Bike tools, lubes and cleaners

The C3 Dry Ceramic Lube is a high performance lube that features UV tracer dyes so you can check your application – just shine a UV application torch to see if you’ve covered the required areas. Lubricating and protecting, the C3 Dry Ceramic Lube – if you’re interested in the science – includes Boron Nitride, Flouropolymers and Nano Ceramic additives. It’s made with a biodegradable, petroleum-free formula and comes in 5ml, 50ml, 120ml and 1ltr sizes.

Sticking with eco-credentials, the Nano Gel Refil uses 89 per cent less packaging than the equivalent of two bottles of 1ltr Muc-Off Bike Cleaner. The concentrated bike cleaning formula comes in an easy-to-pour pouch and can be used as a powerful degreaser in concentrate form. Used with the X1 Chain Cleaning Device it, er, cleans chains. It is also safe to use on frames, forks, headsets, shock units, bars, grips…you get the idea.

There are Countertop Display units, illuminated POS displays and even a nifty 25 litre refill station available to dealers, designed to maximise sales and make an impression on shop customers. The illuminated POS stand uses graphics and illuminated header and shelves, with a modular design. The refill station does what it says it does, encouraging customers to re-use their empty Muc-Off bottles.
Muc-Off has a number of UK distributors including CSG UK, Raleigh, Paligap, Bob Elliot and Walkers.

Park Tool is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary in the sector. This year has seen Shimano enter the 11 speed market, joining Campagnolo and Park Tool is no exception – the Park CT4.3 Master Chain Tool with peening Anvil (£59.99), and CT6.3 Folding Chain Tool (£22.99) are both 11 speed, meaning you are set for fitting a chain in the workshop, or repairing a chain on the road or trail. Both come with Park’s limited lifetime warranty.

Finish Line is the cleaning and lubricating cutting edge and sponsors top teams like Team Astana to boot. the brand’s Ceramic Wet Lube coats your chain to protect against wear and corrosion, with the Ceramic element building up over time, resulting in increasingly smoother performance. It’s Available in both 4oz (£8.49) bottles and 2oz (£5.49) bottles.

Meanwhile White Lightning’s cleaning and lubricated products include the new appropriately-named Chain-Johnny. In the range is the Bike Johnny (£59.99), helping protect your bike from the elements, or your house from the bike, and the Wheel Johnny (£49.99), holding both wheels securely and cleanly. The Wheel Johnny fits up to and including 29er wheels. Use Clean ride to keep your chain running clean and free, available in 8oz bottles for £9.99.


Chicken Cyclekit
Chicken Cyclekit is the exclusive distributor for WD-40 and 3 in One to the cycle trade, a company that has long been known for its water displacing formula and multi-purpose oil. There is a complete range of 3 in One professional level workshop lubes available, along with greases and sprays in stock.

Meanwhile KMC Chains, after many requests from the trade, has made available the original chain lube that it used to lubricate its X-Series chains. KMC found this to be the best lube for long and efficient chain life in any conditions, helping to keep water, dirt, grit, and any other foreign bodies out of the rollers. It’s available in a 120ml bottle or as a mini bottle for one shot use during a ride.

If dealers are interested in stocking either of these lines email sales@chickencyclekit.co.uk or order them directly from the B2B site. Alternatively, call 01525 381347.

The Black Mamba Gloves are designed for cycle maintenance use where standard disposable gloves don’t stand up to tougher jobs. The Mambas offer three times the puncture resistance and superior chemical resistance over latex and vinyl disposable gloves. The Grip Rite textured surface has a secure and tactile grip whilst providing sensitivity for delicate tasks.

Elsewhere, Pedro has a new bike tool and maintenance product range and new packaging too – offering a more informative option for customers and a streamlined look. Easy-to-read icons indicate what weather the product is most suitable for with clear information on content and ingredients.

2pure also tells us that Feedback’s bike stands have really taken off in the UK this past year as people have come to realise the importance of properly maintaining their bikes after riding in adverse conditions. The brand has added a new stand to the range named the Sprint. This pro work stand is aimed at the mechanic who prefers the stability of a traditional fork mount, while also needing a small pack size.
sales@2pure.co.uk; 0844 811 2001

We’re seeing more dual use products that squeeze the features of two products into one, with the likes of Biologic among those innovating in that area, as with their seat post pump. On the tool front, Biologic’s cunning Arc Grips support the rider’s palm of the hand, enabling them to position their wrists to let them relax more during rides, cutting fatigue, etc. The Grip locks into position on the handlebars and a triple density design puts a soft compound rubber just where the palm needs it. There’s a patented T-Tool stashed inside the grip – an integrated 4/5/6 mm Allen tool – so it’s always conveniently at hand (literally) when you need it.

The Biologic range is available via Paligap 01454 313 116

Topeak’s PrepStation is an easy moving trolley tool station with five-inch wheels and six tool compartments containing a whopping 39 sets of professional shop quality bike tools. For extra stability the wheel base can be extended, while an aluminium handlebar can be folded and locked in position for easy carrying to car or truck. Pitched as ideal for bike shops, race events or serious home bike maintenance, the PrepStation is available, like the rest of the Topeak range, from Extra.

Also up from the distributor are a number of products from the ProGold line-up of lubricants and cleaners. Extra stocks Pro Towels, Bike Wash, Degreaser and Bike Wash and EPX Grease, plus a Xtreme Chain Lube, Prolink Chain Lube, Blast Off Degreaser, Chain Gauge and Helmet Cleaner. Now you know.

01933 672170

Weldtite’s TF2 Performance Lubricant with Teflon surface protector is a versatile product offering enhanced protection all year round. The lubricant has multi-purpose applications and comes in a refillable 100ml bottle – one litre and five litre refillls are available.

The G Strings – gear cleaning strings for hard to reach bits – are non-abrasive and feature woven fibres that provide effective grime removal. Elasticated with handy end hooks the G Strings are ideal for cleaning sprockets, derailleurs and chain rings. They’re suitable for all types of cassettes and you can see them in use in the video section of Weldtite’s site.

The Dirtwash Bike cleaner is a workshop stalwart. By spraying the whole bike with Dirtwash, paintwork and polished metal parts get their sparkle back with a clean water rinse. Despite being 100 per cent acid free, Dirtwash has the penetrating power associated with acid cleaners. It cleans quickly with minimal scrubbing and is safe to use on painted, plated, polished or edition for workshops or refills with an optional spray attachment.

Weldtite has a number of distributors in the cycle trade. Find out more on the number below.
01652 660000

Moore Large
One23 has a sleek range of value tools, consisting of a comprehensive selection of multi tools from four-in-one to 20-in-one as well as hex keys and chain tools. Retail prices range from £4.99 up to £23.99. The new MT-F8 (pictured) features 8 tools; 2/4/5/6 hex key, cross head PH1 drivers, straight head driver and Torx T2. This compact, lightweight tool retails at £13.99.

If you’re after more tools, Moore Large also stocks ETC, Draper, Knog and Cyclo tools. On the maintenance and cleaning products front, the distributor carries Weldtite’s range, including the Dirtwash cleaning product line-up.

For more details dealers should contact their area manager or email sales@moorelarge.co.uk

X-Tools’ 18-piece Bike Tool Kit retails at £59.99, pitched as ideal for the home mechanic or a race weekends away. The all-in-one kit keeps tools safe in a durable plastic box with protective internal foam separating the two halves.

The updated tool box includes everything from workshop tyre levers and chain whip to ball ended Allen, double ended cone spanners, crank extractor and much more.

Also from X-Tools, the Home Mechanic Prep Stand (RRP £89.99) is a pro quality workshop workstand with multi adjustable quick release head. The lightweight robust stand has fold-away legs, adjustable legs and multi-angle adjustable clamp arm.

The Brunox Turbo Spray comes in 125ml bottles priced at £5.49 RRP. The multi-function-spray with additive Turbolene guarantees a high capillary effect (penetration), displacing water and providing protection against humidity and extreme conditions. When applied, an invisible, non-hardening anti-corrosive film is formed, providing optimum protection for up to six months. This multi-use spray can even be used for corrosion protection of electrical contacts in low-voltage engineering.

0131 319 1444

Slovenia-based Unior produces ergonomic precise tools that come with a lifetime guarantee. From head cup to pedals, Unior says its offering provides everything you need for an efficient workshop (apart from the staff, customers, etc). The line-up includes tools, storage options and work bench systems.

Also up from the Nottinghamshire-set distributor is Motorex, a well-established brand with almost 90 years experience in producing premium products. Taking experience from the motor bike sector, Motorex’s key bicycle products include Wet lube, Easy clean and Power brake clean.

Find out more from Raleigh on 01773 532600

Firmly created with cyclists on the move, Tern’s multitool packs 20 tools into dimensions of 90mm x 54mm x 28mm. Designed with folding bikes in mind (naturally) there’s also an included pouch with puncture repair patches and a bottle opener. Onto the tools, the product is the only multitool with a 15mm wrench, according to Tern’s Josh Hon, ideal for folders and fixies. As for the rest of the tools there are crescent wrenches, hex keys, tyre levers, chain tool and cross head screwdrivers.

More details are available from the site via mark.bickerton@ternbicycles.com

2012 has seen a brand update for Fenwick’s and two new categories: Stealth Lubes (srp £9.99 each) and Airtight (srp from £9.99). The former, available in maintenance kits for road and MTB, has reviewed well in the cycle press, while the Airtight line has grown fast in 2013, offering a size for all. Suitable for inner tubes or UST tubeless tyres, it’s versatile, compatible with CO2 and offers great retailer margins, says Zyro. There’s increased margin on all bottles of lubes too (including Stealth) we’re told.

Minoura’s W-3100 workstand (SRP £149.99) has a tough steel construction and the strong, efficient Omega Bite clamping mechanism, also benefiting from a stable wide leg construction. The FT-1 TRU –BASE (SRP £99.99) is a sturdy, portable wheel truing jig for the home wheel builder or truer. The FT-1 is supplied with T-Gauge for accurate wheel centring, and it comes with 29-inch wheel and carbon rim compatibility.

From Zefal there’s a multitude of brushes, from a complete set at £15.99, to a Wash brush package at £5.99 and a multi-brush set at £5.99 designed with hard bristles to clean the chain and freewheel. Zefal also offers Rim Tape to prevent spoke holes in the wheel rim from puncturing the inner tube, available in 13mm, 17mm or 22mm to fit narrow road bike rims, hybrids and fatter MTB or steel rimmed bikes. There’s also Z Sealant (SRP £8.99), latex-based puncture prevention sealant for tube or tubeless tyres. Designed to withstand potential punctures of up to a 3mm perforation, it can be injected into the valve for a tube or into the side of the tyre for a tubeless. A supplied syringe is used for application. And if you missed the news, Zyro is also now a distributor for Weldtite (including Cyclo Tools) and Wilkinson Wheels.
01845 521700

The BBB tool collection offers something for experienced bikeshop mechanics and riders alike. It separates its offering into three families of minitools: the fine PrimeFolds, functional MaxiFolds and minimalistic MicroFolds, while there’s a full range of workshop tools as well as a few ultra-strong Profi tools. A new work stand has been developed for the line-up too.

In the range BBB offers a heavy-duty toolbox with 16 essentials, named the AllroundKit (RRP £169.99). Tools are securely stored due to a foam insert and there’s space to spare if extra tools are added.

The kit includes a freewheel turner, lockring remover, spoke wrench, chain wear checker, chain rivet tools and much more.

Also up from Windwave is the Morgan Blue range of cleaners and lubes. The Race Oil is a high quality lubricant for bike applications in all-weather conditions. Containing synthetic additives to reduce friction, it offers smoother gear shifts and reduced chain wear. It’s available in 125cc bottles (£7.50) and 400cc aerosol (£9.95). Meanwhile the Aquaproof Paste is grease-fortified with synthetic additives to reduce friction and offer consistent performance within a wide range of temperatures. Developed for the lubrication and assembly of the seat tube, bottom bracket shell threads and headsets or any area where you need it comes 200cc (£15.95) and 1000cc tubs (£64.95). All Morgan Blue products are available with a custom shop label for no extra cost, though minimum quantities are required.
02392 521912

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