Gtechniq launches range of bike products

Gtechniq is bringing its innovative surface technology to cyclists with the launch of Gtechniq Bike.

The complete range is formulated in-house at its global headquarters in Northamptonshire. Gtechniq’s range of bike products includes Bike Clean, Bike Clean Concentrate, Bike Wash, Ceramic Quick Coat, Drivetrain Degreaser, Tri-Clean, Bike Ceramic and Kit Protector.

“Gtechniq’s know-how in ceramics is exceptional, a position that is being further reinforced with relationships with material science departments of two leading universities,” said Gtechniq’s MD Rob Earle. “Gtechniq Bike is the culmination of a big R&D drive to produce products that offer specific benefits to cyclists.”

Engineered using Gtechniq’s Smart Surface Science technology, Gtechniq Bike Ceramic ‘sets the range apart’. Bike Ceramic forms a durable ultra-slick, chemically bonded layer of optically perfect, invisible ceramic protection to your bike. This ceramic protection prevents dirt, mud, and grime from bonding to the surface of your bike. It also protects against abrasion.

The Gtechniq range has been fully tested and approved by Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus.

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