Eric Martlew, the MP with a private members' bill to force under-16s to wear helmets when cycling, is to take part in a webchat on the MPs' lobby section of Questions and comments are invited. Remember, Martlew believes those who challenge his bill are "cycling fascists."

Grill Martlew

The BBC says: "This is your chance to participate in making a law."

But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Martlew’s bill is flawed and would lead to an unworkable, ignored and ridiculed law.

Questions and comments can be submitted at this page:…/3623089.stm

It’s reasonably easy to pick holes in Martlew’s bill. It will lead to £200 fines for newsagents, teachers, and bike shop owners. The British Medical Association has long been a supporter of cycle helmets but this august body remains anit-compulsion.

But Martlew’s Achilles Heel has got to be obesity. That’s him above with Angela Lee, director of the bill’s sponsor, the Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust. The Martlew bill, should it become law, could result in a catastrophic decrease in cycling. And less cycling equals more obesity, not something the government wants right now.

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