There are four new faces at the importer of FRM, BBB, Pedros, Rixen Kaul, SunTour and Woodman. Well, new to Greyville, anyway. Plus: ever wanted to know why, in 1979, Alan Pritchard plumped for the company name that he did?

Greyville grows

"Greyville was a ship trading in the western Pacific during the 1970s, captained by me," said Pritchard.

"The ship had been named after a racecourse in Durban, South Africa. This, of course, is of no relevance whatsoever to the cycle trade but it answers a question that occasionally gets asked."

The new faces include two old hands. Terry Harris is already out on the road representing Greyville and their products in South West England and South Wales. Harris is a 20-year veteran of the bike trade.

"Martyn Pope has been involved in the industry all his working life and will shortly be calling on customers in South East and Southern England," said Pritchard.

"Many years spent behind the counter managing retail shops before going out on the road two years ago has given Martyn the insightt to fully appreciate the stresses and strains facing IBDs."

At HQ, there’s a new voice: Nick Gooch, a downhiller and former IBD mechanic. Gaynor Tunnicliff is providing additional administrative support, said Pritchard, "though the only time you’ll speak to Gaynor is if your account is overdue…"

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