Pedalite tells BikeBiz about its growing range of environmentally conscious product, including a cunning line in pedal lights...


Can you give us some background to Pedalite?
Pedalite International is a UK company that designs, manufactures and distributes unique, award-winning, battery-free safety lighting for cyclists, hikers, runners, equestrians and people involved in a variety of outdoor activities.

Can you tell us about your product range?
Pedalite’s products are all designed to improve cycling safety because they provide vital side lighting, ensuring cyclists can be seen by motorists any time, day or night. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents three quarters of cycling accidents happen at road junctions where cyclists need to be seen from the side.

Pedalite’s award-winning, battery-free lighting includes its 360 degree pedal lights, solar powered Baglite, which fits any size or shape of backpack and the ultra lightweight Anklelite. It illuminates ankles or arms, provides 360 degree lighting so cyclists can be seen from every angle, including the side and from up to one km away.

The pedal lights are uniquely powered using kinetic energy (un-noticeable to the cyclist) and the lights come on as soon as the cyclist starts pedalling. The pedals harvest and store a small amount of energy from the bicycle which allow the lights to flash for up to five minutes when the cyclist is freewheeling or has stopped at a road junction.

Anklelite also doubles as a trouser clip replacement for cyclists and provides 360 degree lighting for cyclists riding with clipless and other pedal types.

Can you explain how your products are green?
All our products are environmentally friendly through the efficient use of renewable energy sources and the elimination of batteries or the need to ‘recharge’ from the mains. Even the packaging is recycled cardboard and not plastic ‘clamshells’ or similar.

Why should retailers stock your products?
Our products are innovative, unique and have proved a hit with consumers worldwide. Pedalite’s best selling range of products appeal to people on a practical level, are considered good value because they eliminate the cost of batteries, improve safety, are reliable, stylish and of course green.

Pedalite has also timed a major PR campaign in the UK for the July to October timeframe to help drive customers into bike shops to look for Pedalite products.

Will you be creating any more green products?
Pedalite is continually adding to our range of battery-free safety products. Although the Anklelite is already used by many customers as an Armlite, a special version will be available later in the year for use primarily on the arm. The range is then being planned for further extension thereafter.

Pedalite International,
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Hemel Hempstead
Telephone: 01442 450 483
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