Firm showing EcoSponge at this weekend’s UK Aware Show, London

Green Oil reveals fair trade bike product

The globe’s first fairly traded bicycle sponge is debuting at the UK Aware Environment Show.

The EcoSponge is a biodegradable sponge for bike cleaning, sourced from the Phillipines. Green Oil said the sponge was the world’s first ever fairly traded bike product.

The ‘fairly traded’ term specifically refers to the long term employment and engagement of economically disadvantaged producers, in accordance with the rules of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

The EcoSponge is grown from the Luffa plant, and so is biodegradeable – unlike most sponges after use. The EcoSponge is light, small and can be transported flat, reducing CO2 in transit. They grow when soaked in water for one minute. The premium product will retail for £3.49.

The Environment Show takes place at Olympia today and tomorrow (Friday April 16th to Saturday 17th).

“Fair trade helps people to get out of poverty,” said Simon Nash, Director, Green Oil UK. “Green Oil EcoSponges provide money for food in times of need, medicine and contraception, unlike subsistence farming. This is important for people in the Philippines.”

Green Oil isn’t the only cycle-centric company appearing at the show, which starts today. Yike Bike, Zipee Electric Bikes and Mule Bar have also taken space at UK Aware.

Nash added: “The UK Aware Show is a natural choice for a Green Oil product launch. Cyclists care about the environment and environmentalists tend to ride bikes.”

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