Grime-busting £9.99 Bicycle Brush available now

Green Oil announces ‘world first’ FSC approved bicycle product

Green Oil has revealed what it says is the first Forestry Stewardship Council approved bicycle product ever to hit the market.

To gain this certification a product must use wood that comes from a sustainable source where for every tree cut, another is planted in its place. Green Oil’s Bicycle Brush is specifically made from the rubber tree, which has a natural five-year cycle. As the hard wearing bristles wear out, any fragments that come off will biodegrade, unlike with plastic bristles.

The £9.99 brush carries special bristles that are tough enough to removed grime form sprockets and chains, though soft enough so anodized finishing won’t be damaged during cleaning. The handle can even be used to clean derailleur cogs. This replaces the need for a claw brush, chain cleaning device, tooth brush, wheel cleaning and spoke brush, with one Bicycle Brush.

“We are proud to launch a brush that contains absolutely no plastic, and which is FSC certified, protecting forests. The Luxury Green Oil Bicycle Brush is a quality multi-use brush with a traditional edge,” said Simon Nash, director of Green Oil UK.

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