£10,000 interest free loans available to private and tertiary sector orgs

Grants available to Scottish businesses to make cycling improvements

Cycling Scotland and the Energy Saving Trust have developed a unique initiative to help Scottish employers promote and support staff cycling.

Private and tertiary sector organisations (including universities and colleges) are now able to apply, via Cycling Scotland, for interest free loans of up to £10,000 to fund infrastructure and support staff to cycle to and from work.

The loans can be used to install and developed cycle parking, installation of showering facilities, additional lighting for cycle paths and shelters, dropped kerbs and more.

Research has shown that cycle commuters are physically active employees who have on average two less sick days a year.

The repayment term for interest free loans can be up to four years, allowing time for organisations to financially benefit from the installation of cycle friendly infrastructure.

Scottish businesses have until the 15th June 2011 to apply for an interest free loan and are offered first-come first-served.

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