If so, a community bike workshop in Edinburgh could make good use of them. The Castlecliff Bicycle Workshop renovates old bikes for use by socially excluded individuals, runs maintenance classes and encourages cycle use in general

Got any tools, spare parts (or biscuits) lying around?

Bikebiz.co.uk recently visited a community bike project that is aiming to reach out to the less affluent members of society,and fit them out with decently maintained bikes.

Far from taking sales away from pukka bike shops, the Castlecliff Bicycle Workshop is getting new people onto bikes and sparking their interest. These new people may never be in the market for Cannondale Ravens but, once on the route to becoming cyclists, may become bike shop regulars.

The workshop is staffed by volunteers and is housed in former army married quarters directly beneath Edinburgh castle. The premises have been donated by the city council and Castlecliff is seeking donations of tools and spare parts from the bike trade. Anything and everything is welcome.

Here’s the ‘shopping list’ from their website:

Tools not necessarily specific bike tools. Spanners, pliers, screwdrivers etc. are particularly useful.

Bike pumps and puncture repair outfits.

Bike parts, particularly tyres.

Storage such as shelving, large ceiling hooks etc.

Scaffolding – to use as hanging storage for bikes, wheels etc.

An electric water heater.

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Email Cathy@castlecliff.org.uk

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