Don't try this at home, kids. "If you like your media on the go but don't like the shut-the-world-out feeling of wearing earphones, Sakar International's new family of Sound Cases will be music to your ears." But perhaps not the ears of passers-by as you pedal along blasting out your fave i-tunes... The Bicycle Sound Case works with other MP3 players as well as CD players.

Got an iPod? Use these bagged speakers on your bike

Sakar’s new ‘Sound Cases’ are being shown for the first time at the Las Vegas geek fest, the Consumer Electronics Show.

The company is displaying an MP3 Sound Case, CD Sound Case, DVD Sound Case, Laptop Sound Case, an MP3 Car Visor Sound Case as well as the forty bucks Bicycle Sound Case.

Sakar, a New Jersey toy and PDAS accessories company, said this is "a saddlebag-type carrier with two built-in speakers and a cushioned compartment that holds either an MP3 or CD player. The case fits on all bikes, fastens to the bicycle bar with Velcro with no installation required, is weather-resistant, and delivers enough volume to play over traffic while also providing safe riding without headphones."

Each Sound Case runs on a 9-volt battery and gets its audio feed through a built-in connector that plugs into the media device’s headphone jack.

There’s not yet any info on the Bicycle Case at

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