The organisers of the Eurobike trade show in Friedrichshafen want to find the best bike website out there. Hmm, theres only one catch, you have to be an exhibitor!

Got a Get a bike trade web award

So that means the E-Award 2000 is hardly likely to be the best of the best, despite the organisers claiming the winner will have the best homepage of the bicycle industry. In actual fact, the organisers say they are limited to just 20 website entrants. Doh!

Anyway, on the off chance you belong to a company wholl be exhibiting at Eurobike (it wont be a long list, IFMA is steaming ahead) here are some details and the costs! direct from the Eurobike organisers.

E-Award, Eurobike

The winner will be choosen by an independent jury and the trade visitors of the EUROBIKE-show. The homepages of the participants will be shown at the E-Business-Center at the EUROBIKE in hall 9.

This is your chance to get a feedback directly from the trade and industry-insiders! The visitors have to go into your homepage and your products due to the different categories of the award!

To ensure a high quality and to cover the technical costs of the presentation we will take a participation fee of EUR 490,00 excl. VAT. We can admit only 20 homepages so please send your registration as soon as possible!


EUROBIKE Project Team

The best homepage of the bicycle industry

At the EUROBIKE 2000 from 31 August to 3 September we will choose for the first time the winner of the E-AWARD 2000. We are looking for the best homepage of the exhibiting companies.

During all days of the EUROBIKE the homepages of the participants will be presented at the E-Business-Center in hall 9. The trade visitors can choose their favourite homepage in following categories:

Category 1 Best Product Information (presentation of the products with information about materials, sizes, colours and utilizability)

Category 2 Best Web-Design (idea, colour composition and arrangement of the information)

Category 3 Best Web-Structure (general information of the company, topicality, navigation for consumer and the trade, different languages for international presentations)

Additionally there will be an independent jury, which can choose the best web presentation in categories 1 to 3 and following additional categories:

Category 4 Best Information for the Trade (order possibilities, order conditions, trading terms etc.)

Category 5 Best Possibility for online Trade Order (Arrangement of the order forms, stock information etc.)

The independent jury will make their decision as well during the EUROBIKE. The awarding of the winner will take place on Sunday (September 3) 4 p.m. in the seminar room of the E-Business-Center in hall 9.


Meistershofener Straße 25

D-88045 Friedrichshafen

Fax: 00 44 49 7541 708 115


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