New cable system unveiled at Press Camp in Idaho. Product is available this Autumn; Gore seeks UK distributor; win cable sets.

Gore RideOn introduces pro system

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. has announced an addition to its existing range of bicycle cables. The Gore RideOn Professional System will be available in before Eurobik. These are the same cables the professionals on SRAM’s Pro Tour Teams are riding. Lance Armstrong uses the system.

Gore’s semi-sealed cable system incorporates ferrules with ultra-long protective noses, ‘Grub seals’ and low-friction coating technology.

SRAM’s Red gruppo uses RideOn cables.

“Gore RideOn Cable Systems are the lowest friction, most durable cable systems available for the cycling world,” said Lois Mabon, RideOn’s Global Product Manager.

The new pro system, unveiled to the 20 journalists at Lifeboat Solutions’ Press Camp in Sun Valley, Idaho, is smoother than the existing road system, and is semi-enclosed (unlike the MTB system which is fully enclosed).

At Press Camp, Gore RideOn provided with ten sets of cables to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, click here and enter by sending answer here.

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