Gore announces new Gore-Tex Infinium stretch gloves

Gore has announced its new Gore-Tex Infinium stretch gloves.

Florian Stark, Gore-Tex product specialist of gloves and accessories, said: “We wanted to create gloves that offer a perfect fit paired with excellent warmth and moisture management, also ones that you don’t always need to take off when you tear open an energy bar or get something out of your pocket.”

The gloves are the outcome of a new 3D glove construction that imitates the natural shape of the hand whilst using less material.

After the stretch material has been cut to size, the glove shaped material pieces are sewn together using a single seam. 

The gloves are then given their shape by placing them over artificial hands and exposing them to heat in a special oven. 

The heat causes the stretch material to lose some of its elasticity which allows the gloves to keep their shape and remain elastic. 

Gore has said this manufacturing process uses up to 30 per cent fewer seams and less material whilst producing a "substantially improved" grip.

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