Goodyear launches new Newton MTF and Newton MTR tyres

Goodyear Bicycle Tires has launched the next generation gravity range of mountain bike tyres with two new tread patterns, the Newton MTF and Newton MTR.

First launched in 2018 with Goodyear’s official licensee, Rubber Kinetics, the new Goodyear Newton MTF and Newton MTR mark “the most significant advancement” in its mountain bike tyre portfolio, said the brand.

The Newton MTF (front) and Newton MTR (rear) tyres have been developed as a complementary system. The next generation Newton tyres incorporate leading-edge technology in tread compound development, casing lay-ups, as well as proprietary construction methods, all of which are produced at the recently expanded dedicated Goodyear Bicycle Tire factory in Taiwan.

“After two-and-a-half years in development, hundreds of samples, dozens of compound updates, casing layups, scrapped molds and adjustments, it gives us great pleasure to finally reveal what we’ve been working on,” said Ben Evans, commercial director of Goodyear Bicycle Tires.

“This is just the first of our gravity and e-MTB focused projects, and we cannot wait to continue our story with products that have real purpose and provide value to riders around the world.”

Newton MTF – The large block tread design is optimised for straight-line control, cornering confidence and effective braking. Progressive block layout limits dirt buildup, maintaining performance across a wide range of conditions.

Newton MTR – The drive-focused tread delivers speed and durability with tracking performance that inspires confidence when transitioning from straight lines to cornering across a wide range of conditions.

Both tread patterns are offered in three iterations, using a simplified naming structure based on the suggested usage: Trail, Enduro, Downhill. The next generation Newton range has been developed with a progressive mindset from the team at Goodyear:

– MX Inspired Design: The profile of the Newton range is inspired by the motocross world. By utilising a rounder profile for the Newton MTF (front), damping capacity is increased and the tyre footprint is elongated. The Newton MTR (rear) maintains a squarer profile and paired with uniform, closely spaced outer knobs.

– Intended Use Derived Construction: Both tread patterns in the Newton range are available in Trail, Enduro and Downhill specific casing layups. Each casing layup is then paired with multi-durometer compounds developed specifically for the tyre’s intended application and front/rear use.

– Simplified System: By pairing casing and compound with front and rear specific tread patterns, tyre selection becomes less confusing and allows the rider to do what they do best.

The Newton range features the latest in compound advancements from Goodyear, including:

– Dynamic Grip3S: Front specific, triple-density 40/42/60a compound. Found on Newton MTF Enduro and Downhill models.

– Dynamic Grip3: Rear specific, triple-density 40/50/60a compound. Found on Newton MTR Enduro and Downhill models.

– Dynamic Trail2: Trail specific dual-density 50/60a compound.

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The next-generation range of Goodyear Newton tyres totals 15 variations across two tread patterns which cater to riders’ needs based on diameter, width and intended use.

Range availability:
– Newton MTF/MTR Trail – shipping now
– Newton MTF/MTR Enduro – shipping now
– Newton MTF/MTR Downhill – shipping July

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