Goodyear expands road bicycle tyre line

Goodyear Bicycle Tyres has expanded its road bicycle tyre line with the launch of the Ultra High-Performance (UHP) range.

Featuring the Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 SuperSport models, the all-new UHP range has been developed to perform at the “highest level”.

The Goodyear Ultra High-Performance range of road bicycle tyres debuted at this year’s Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The Ultra High-Performance tyres optimise low rolling resistance and weight with improved handling in both dry and wet conditions.

Consisting of two models with a total of eight specifications, the UHP range showcases Goodyear’s latest developments in materials and construction methods.

The Eagle F1 all-round road race performance tyre provides daily performance while the Eagle F1 SuperSport is optimised for low rolling resistance and reduced weight for road race, time trial and triathlon competition.

Eagle F1 side

Both the Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 SuperSport models feature the latest technologies including Dynamic:GSR compounding, size-specific R:Shield Protection and lightweight 120tpi casings. All UHP road tyres are designed with Goodyear’s Forward-Facing Fitment ethos ensuring each tyre profile is optimised when mounted on today’s modern, wide rims.

The Goodyear Ultra High-Performance range of bicycle tyres is currently in production and will be available at retail during Q4, 2019.

Complete information on the Goodyear UHP range of bicycle tyres can be found here.

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