The ACT Euro conference voting thingy on page 39 of our latest issue has had very few entries so far. And this despite the free crate of beer! Perhaps it was the tight deadline? It has now been extended so email your vote to David Hyde ASAP. Because of the low 'turnout' (apathy strikes again!) you've a very good chance of winning the booze!

Good chance to win beer

Heres some text from the ACT which appeared in our May mag. Its about a venue change for their conference. It will now be in Belgium, not Palma.

The ACT have got a load of industry sponsors (Fishers, Second Level Sport, Ideal, Raleigh, Madison, BikeBiz, PCM) for the conference but would like to ask members and non-members a few questions so the event can be fine-tuned.

The ACT is in the middle of negotiating a fun and stimulating overseas conference to take place in November 2000 which will cover all aspects of Y2K cycle retailing, and would include talks from some very high calibre guest speakers.

This conference was originally planned for Palma but booking a one-off charter flight proved prohibitively expensive so the event will be held in Belgium, an easier place for most people to get to.

It will also now be easier to link in with ETRA, the pan-European trade organisation, allowing for lots of international networking. Before final arrangements are confirmed we would like to ask members of the ACT too, how they would like the conference to be organised.

Corporate sponsorship allows us to bring the price per person down to about £250 (tbc). This includes group travel from one location in the south east of England, two nights accomodation and evening functions. There are pro rata reductions for those who make their own way to Belgium.

Here are the questions:

1.0 I am an ACT member and am / am not interested in attending the conference.

1.1 Im not an IBD member of the ACT and am / am not interested in attending the conference

1.2 Im a supplier and am / am not interested in attending the conference

2.0 There should / should not be a set daily programme for partners who do not wish to attend the business conference but do wish to attend the social gatherings

3.0 I will make my own way there

3.1 I would like info on the group travel facility (a coach calling at two or three pick-up points in the SE of England)

Email your answers to David Hyde of Exhibition Action who is helping the ACT to stage the conference:

And heres the prize:

24 bottles of Belgian beer.

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