Goldhawk Bikes launches in UK

Goldhawk Bikes has launched in the UK.

With an ethos of “Find a bike you love. Ride it every day”, Goldhawk offers a UK designed and tested bike for urban, road, CX, adventure, gravel and light trail.

Built in London, the bikes are engineered and refined to deliver on performance and are styled for a clean uncluttered look.

Rider weight is properly balanced between the saddle and bars and the Reynolds steel frame and carbon fork combination delivers a smooth ride with ample stiffness when the power goes down.

Creator Jeff Rutland said: “Building relationships between design and manufacturing is core to making a great product and I am really pleased with what we have achieved.

“From a design perspective, I essentially wanted to create a flat bar bike, with road/fast/head down geometry.

“However, having ridden too many generic bikes that just copy race frames, I found they were simply too uncomfortable.

“The Goldhawk geometry is head down, but not too much."

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