Evidence of an eco-trend at this year's NEC event?

Going green at the Cycle Show 2015

There’s a small but maybe significant collection of green and ecologically sound product and brands featuring at this year’s Cycle Show.

Caveat alert, this article will not mention each and every one of those eco-friendly ranges at the show (if we’ve missed you let us know), but they include Green Oil, Weldtite’s Pure range and Muc-Off’s Bio-chain range.

Teko and GRN are among the eco-friendly list too.

Teko’s Econyl line forges sports socks from recycled fishing nets (and car mats). It turns out that there are thousands and thousands of tonnes of damaged fishing nets adrift in the sea, so there’s no shortage of material for the brand to utilise in the manufacture of its socks. And to stop those damaged nets ending up in the oceans, Teko is attaching a worth to them so it is worth a fisherman’s time to bring it back to shore.

The nets are turned into polymer and the multiple yarns are twisted until they’re ready to be woven into sock form.

Teko’s been strong in the outdoor market, but is using the Cycle Show to get into the cycle market in a bigger way.

More people are embracing the eco-message, the brand reckons and ultimately Teko will be able to recycle the already recycled socks themselves too once they’re aged and well used.

GRN is back at the Cycle Show following its debut there last September, with a significantly larger stand this time around.

GRN is probably best known for their jerseys and tops made from recycled bottles, with custom teamwear a speciality of the firm.

There’s bamboo-based apparel too from GRN and they tell BikeBiz that they’ve now accessed a government grant to do research and development in using recycled materials for clothing. 



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