Gocycle unveils 2020 fast-folding GX

Gocycle has updated its fast-folding GX model for 2020.

The 2020 model has increased integration resulting in just one thin exterior cable being on show. Internally, wiring refinements have been made to give the model an even smoother fold and ease of battery removal, the company has said.

Gocycle’s development team have made dynamic improvements too, with the 2020 GX inheriting the front fork of the brand’s GXi and halo G3Carbon models. All of the improvements combine to give the 2020 GX a 300g overall weight saving vs the outgoing 2019 model.

Richard Thorpe, designer and founder of Gocycle, said: “The fast-folding GX has been a phenomenon since we launched it last year, meeting the needs of savvy urban commuters across the globe. But our no compromises mission to build the best urban electric bikes on the planet continues.

“With constant refinement, we are continuously working to make improvements however large or small. Feedback from our customer base has been at the core of our focus this year. The 2020 GX is a truly compelling proposition with its fast-fold and industry-leading ride and comfort levels making it the most versatile urban e-bike on the market today.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has pulled the e-bike adoption curve forward as more people realise their benefits for a healthier, smarter and more sustainable lifestyle.

“Governments across the world are moving to prioritise cycling and making it safer for new riders to get out onto two wheels. There has never been a better time to leave your car behind and start your two-wheel electric journey!”

The fast-folding Gocycle GX first entered the market in March 2019 and quickly went to become the “fastest-selling” Gocycle in history, the company has said.

The 2020 GX’s fast-folding front frame has been developed specifically for the GX using hydroformed aluminium technology mated to Gocycle’s proven and patented injection metal moulded magnesium Cleandrive system and PitstopWheels.

Every Gocycle comes with proprietary electronic traction control which increases the safety of the rider by improving the stability and grip on loose or slippery surfaces. When the Gocycle senses and calculates that there is a loss of traction in the front wheel, the motor power is reduced to regain traction and control increasing the stability for the rider.

Additionally, the GX comes as standard with Gocycle’s all-weather tyre which provides all of the dynamic capabilities of the Gocycle performance tyre but with enhanced grip and puncture resistance.

Owners can specify their 2020 fast-folding GX in one of three bespoke Gocycle colour options: electric blue, matt black, or white with a black Cleandrive.

It features torque-sensing, direct mechanical shifting and an integrated LED battery fuel gauge housed within Gocycle’s oversized handlebar design that allows users to monitor battery charge level while on the move. The battery is fully integrated in the GX’s frame for ease of travel and can be removed for charging or maintenance if required.

The 2020 Gocycle GX is compatible with Gocycle’s key own designed accessories for the commuter such as mudguards, lights, and front pannier. It is also compatible with the GocycleConnect App, which provides customised driving modes as well as health statistics such as calories burned, maximum and average pedal power.

Gocycle recently revealed GX owner research that shows e-bike riders are healthier, happier and less likely to use their car. In a survey of its 2019 GX owners, 62% reported reduced car usage since owning the bike, 59% noted improved fitness and 49% commented that their overall sense of wellbeing had improved.

The 2020 Gocycle GX is available to order now from www.gocycle.com and through select resellers throughout the US, Canada, UK, and EU. Gocycle GX MSRP: £2,899; €3,199; $3,299.

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