Cyclingmobility, the luxe advocacy magazine that hopes to turn the heads of politicians, is three issues old.

Glossy cycle advocacy mag publishes third issue

Cyclingmobility is now three issues old and the editor plans for it to be a magazine that changes perceptions about cycling, especially among the powers-that-be. Issue three is 84 pages of high-quality editorial about transforming cities so they’re designed for people, not machines.

Ross Ringham is based in the UK but Cyclingmobility is published from Germany and has a global perspective.

Ringham said: "We want to influence policy makers, to help them see cycling for transport as a viable option for today’s cities. We also want to enable the professionals, those working in planning and transport roles at city and regional levels to think outside of auto-only planning."

The magazine is subscription-only and is mailed worldwide.

Issue three has an article on the first bike share scheme in Hawaii, which is small but, interestingly, is funded by the state health department as an intervention to cut down on obesity. There’s also a Planning for People column by Jeff Risom of Gehl Architects from the Netherlands. He explores how planners must understand how and why people make mobility decisions before spending millions imposing systems which may be inappropriate and undesired.

Paul Farmer of the American Planning Society argues that those planning for cycling have to work hard to get past the bias of car-centred colleagues, but change is on the way regardless. And Annick Roetynck of ETRA, the European Twowheel Retailers’ Association, plugs her organisation’s attempts to get electric bikes on the radar of the European Parliament. 

There’s also a comparison of the bike share schemes in London and Paris, and there’s a feature on getting people back on their bikes with smartphone cycle journey planners, such as the Bike Hub app

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