Giro launches new Supernatural gloves with Elastic Interface’s EIT palm technology

Giro has launched the new Supernatural gloves, featuring the EIT palm technology by Elastic Interface.

The technology delivers the ‘first-ever’ three-dimensional, seamless and elastic palm to be developed for cycling gloves, and takes the protection and comfort of your hands on the handlebars to a ‘whole new level’. Elastic Interface developed the EIT Palm Technology with support from the University of Padua Department of Biomedical Sciences, and its construction is patented.

“This innovation has enabled the EIT palm to become a revolutionary detail that transforms how we experience hand-to-bar comfort when riding a bike; the ‘chamois for your hand’ adapts perfectly to the shape of the hand, improves blood flow, and dramatically reduces soreness in the ulnar nerve – so no more tingling fingers,” said a statement.

“Revealed to the world in September 2019, the Elastic Interface palm technology is the result of years of R&D in the field of cycling pads, which made Elastic Interface the global leader of comfort in the saddle. The EIT Palm brings Elastic Interface to two of the three contact points between cyclists and their bikes; the saddle, with the cycling pads for shorts and bibs, and the handlebars, with gloves featuring the EIT palm technology.”

Giro is the first US brand to feature the EIT Palm with its Supernatural Gloves, which have a proprietary design of the technology developed by Elastic Interface.

Supernatural gloves will be available in Giro’s 2021 spring/summer collection.

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