The Palm Beach Post reports that the trial involving a former teacher, Bell Sports and a van driver is over. Bell, owner of the Giro helmet brand, was cleared of manufacturing a helmet with a design flaw. The negligent van driver has been ordered to pay $10.3m to the injured cyclist.

Giro Exodus declared safe by US jury

Teacher David Jones, 63, had sued Bell Sports Inc., and the driver who knoclked him from his bicycle in May 2001.

After the trial the six-member jury exonerated Bell Sports of any liability, placing all blame on the 51-year-old van driver.

Benjamine Reid, Bell Sport’s attorney, said:

"We were able to demonstrate that this helmet is widely used and it’s safe. It passes worldwide standards."

The Giro Exodus was manufactured 1997 to 2001 and cost up to $150 per helmet.

Jury foreman Hazel Figueroa told the Palm Beach Post there was no evidence that proved that the Giro Exodus Jones was wearing during the crash was defective.

Jones may have been wearing the helmet incorrectly, a common mistake. He suffered head injuries, was in a coma for two weeks and is now disabled but Figueroa said "Had he not had the helmet on, the initial impact may have very well killed him."

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