The EZB semi-recumbent is being claimed by Giant to represent "the next dynamic trend in cycling." Said to be designed for comfort, Giant believes the £600 EZB will get new people on bikes. To gain dealer acceptance for the new line, Giant is offering extended terms.

Giant’s EZB will be offered to IBDs on 12-month terms

According to Giant’s Ian Beasant the one-size-fits-all EZB "is a bicycle designed for comfort and ease of cycling, and believe me it does just that. It’s lovely to ride."

Media interest in the EZB is said to be "huge," claims Beasant.

"All Giant dealers will have the opportunity to put a demo model in their shop and pay in twelve months."

Peter Eland of VeloVision said the EZB is "inspired by semi-recumbents like the r-m Equinox [rather] than by ‘real’ recumbents like the late lamented BikeE." [This US recumbent populariser recently imploded, see ]

Giant’s press release isn’t shy at coming forward. Here it is in full:

At the turn of each of the last three decades, a new bike concept has revolutionized cycling’s future…

In the seventies, road racing bikes dominated both the mass markets and the sport

In the eigthies, it was the turn of BMX to become the hub of the industry

In nineties, MTB took over as the trend-setter for cycling on a world scale

As one of the first companies to mass produce each new bike-type for the global market, Giant Bicycles – itself founded in 1972 – has never ceased to be on the cutting edge of the industry’s latest developments.

And now, as Giant Bicycles celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, what better moment for us to launch the next dynamic trend in cycling…

Introducing the EZB; The New Way of Cycling for the Twenty first Century; More Comfort Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Too often in the past, Traditional Riding Postures have resulted in:

… sore necks, aching shoulders, bad’s backs and painful posteriors.

… Instability when the bike is stationary.

The Solution = EZB

Basic Concept: our Ideal Riding Position Geometry (IRPG) makes riding an EZB easy on your body, one which combines the advantages of both the traditional bike and the recumbent bike.


EZB provides a comfortable, relaxed riding position consisting of a seat with back-support for optimum comfort and power transmission.

… EZBs upright posture eases pressure on the shoulders and supports the back.

… With legs out front and a comfortable sitting position, saddle pain is reduced.

… Back support on the saddle allows for maximum power and comfort.

… The upright posture offers a better viewing position. This not only increases safety, it¹s also great for sight-seeing.


… The low instep design makes the EZB easier and safer than traditional bikes both to mount and to dismount.

… The lower sitting position means feet can reach the ground quicker when stopping, thereby ensuring extra stability.

…..Fully manouvrable and ideal for recreational riding, the EZB combines total comfort and control.


… Integrated design which is sleek, futuristic and modern.

… Unisex frame design


…One size fits all.

…Easy adjustability.

…Low maintenance.

EZB – Cycling’s Silent Revolution For The Next Decade.

Life can be better …. Giant

EZB – Cycling’s Silent Revolution For The Next Decade. (Produced by Giant, of course.)

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