IBDs are being asked to watch out for the off-loading of bikes, including pre-production models and other easily identifiable machines, including Revive semi-recumbents, after a pro break-in at the Nottingham HQ of Giant UK.

Giant UK suffers break-in; £40k of bikes stolen

The thieves used ropes to descend from skylights and spent their time cherry-picking from a selection of bikes.

Most were high-end MTBs, including some demo-only bikes that are look-but-don’t-ride and could prove dangerous for any unsuspecting ‘customers’, sourcing their bikes down the local. However, with a keen eye on the Christmas market, the thieves also took kiddie bikes.

Here’s a full list of the missing bikes:

Style Silver 16"

Simple Seven Gts Blue/Silver 18"

Simple Seven Lds Red/Silver 17"

FCR 2 Red/Silver 50cm

TCR 1 Red 50cm

TCR Zero White 50cm

TCR Composite 1 Black 50cm

Fr.set TCR Black/Yellow 50cm

Boulder FS Black 17"

Boulder DS Blue 18.5"

Terrago FS2 Black/Orange 19"

Terrago FS2 Black/Green 19"

Terrago FS1 Black 19"

FSR AluxX FS Blue 17"

Sedona Gts White 17"

Sedona FS LDS Lilac/Silver 17"

Rincon Dreamsilver 17"

X-Road Lds Charcoal 50cm

X-Sport Lds Silver 50cm

XTC 3 Charcoal 19"

XTC 2 Blue 19"

XTC Zero Black 19"

NRS 3 Black 18.5"

NRS 2 Red 18.5"

NRS 1 Blue 18.5"

NRS Composite 2 Black 18.5"

NRS Composite 1 Black 18.5"

Warp Dark Blue 18.5"

VT2 Silver 18.5"

VT1 Blue/Silver 18.5"

AC Grey 18"

DH Blue 18"

Acid Black 13.8"

Suxes 3 Gts Silver/Black 58cm

Escaper FS 21 Gts Silver/Blue 54cm

Explorer FS 21 Lds Silver 50cm

Little Tricycle Pink Pink 10"

Little Tricycle Silver Silver 10"

Animator 12" Black 12"

Animator 16" Black 16"

Taffy 125 FS Pink 20"

MTX 225 Plum 24"

Modem G Grey

Revive 21 Blue

Revive DX N7 Silver

Sedona DX Gts Grey/Blue 19"

Cypress DX Gts Silver/Blue 19"

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